Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer wellness physician prescribing services?

Yes, we are happy to partner with wellness companies to assist your efforts.

Do you offer services in all 50 states?

Yes, our team of doctors have all 50 states. We have you covered in New York and California 

How do I get another copy of my Labs?

Please contact us and we'd be happy to provide you with another copy.

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What is an annual health assessment?

Companies offer Wellness Testing for employees yearly. This can be as easy as having employees go to a Lab and have blood tests done. CHS receives results, mails to employee and a Physician calls when necessary. We are also able to offer onsite blood testing and in person physician review with employee. Health coaching and many other options are available to add to your Wellness Program. 

Why would employer provide a wellness program?

Prevention is not only better for the employee’s health, it is also more cost effective than reactionary health care for both employee and employer. Health education and early detection services aim to address health concerns and direct employees to their Family Physicians. Early detection can be the key to successful health resolutions.  

Do employees have to attend the health assessment?

Employers have the option to make Wellness Testing mandatory or optional. Some employers have incentives to entice employees to participate. Also, employers sometimes offer their program to spouses that are covered under the employee’s policy.  

Why should I choose CHS for our Health Assessment?

Our High Touch programs are pivotal for creating a culture of health in the work place, improving employee health, having a positive effect on employee lives and productivity, and at the same time, reducing the cost of medical benefits.

Will anyone else be able to see my results?

Corporate Health Solutions is fully HIPAA compliant. We also take pride in our data security and have regular data security training for all our employees from KnowBe4.