Reducing Costs and Improving Health


Key factors that we use to improve employee health while decreasing healthcare costs

65% of healthcare costs are consumed by roughly 5% of the covered population. Many of these are individuals with early stage disease that could be significantly helped with timely intervention and prevention strategies. 

► The Annual Health Assessment provides a unique opportunity to screen individuals for early stage disease and poor behavioral habits, and offers opportunity for guiding and supporting those ready for lifestyle change. As individuals’ health improves, the resulting “culture of well-being” yields reduced healthcare costs and greater employee productivity. 

How We Do It...


1. Blood Draw:

 We conduct comprehensive blood tests for each participant prior to the annual health assessment. 


2. On-Site Annual Health Assessment & Biometric Screening:

 Each year we bring a team of our physicians and health behaviorists to the workplace where we conduct a face-to-face health risk assessment. After measuring biometrics (height, weight, and blood pressure), participants meet with a physician to review their lab results and a health behaviorist to discuss lifestyle habits, future goals, and coaching support. 


3. Ongoing Health Coaching & Support:

Our team of health behaviorists assesses readiness to change and provides ongoing support utilizing an evidence-based and personalized approach, proven behavior-change theories, progressive goal setting, motivational interviewing techniques, and effective resources.  

Changes in Preventative Care

Platinum Care Coaching

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