Cancer Free

Male, 62 y/o


During the 2015 AHA, participant complained of bump on neck; CHS physician felt lump under skin and recommended participant follow-up with his doctor immediately. Cancer was detected and participant was treated with surgery and chemotherapy and cleared of cancer in 2016. 

Male, 69 y/o


Participant credits AHA with finding growth and preventing cancer; Hx R nephrectomy removal – hg benign tumor

Male, 52 y/o


During AHA, CHS physician encouraged colonoscopy; Participant completed colonoscopy while in CHS coaching with AA; precancerous polyps detected and removed; avoided colon cancer.

Male, 59 y/o

Participant had middle range PSA numbers for a few years at AHAs, but numbers remained in the normal range. Results were discussed with the participant each year during the AHA and monitored by participant’s urologist. PSA increased to 4.1 in 2016 and was diagnosed prostate cancer; surgery to remove it in 2016. Now cancer free. 

Male, 62 y/o

2012 AHA blood studies revealed elevated PSA (from 2 to 3.5); CHS physician recommended participant see a urologist; PSA increased again in 2014 (from 3.1 to 4.1), CHS physician recommended more f/u with doctor; 2015 AHA PSA increased (4.1 to 5.1), CHS physician recommended more f/u with doctor; 2016 PSA increased (5.1 to 5.5); 2017 AHA PSA increased (5.5 to 10); CHS physician called prior to AHA to recommend participant see urologist immediately; diagnosed prostate cancer..

Female, 62 y/o


During the 2016 AHA, CHS physician called the participant’s family doctor because her numbers were concerning (CHS physician wanted the participant to see a hematologist); The participant was seen by her doctor the following morning. Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, had stem cell transplant. Participant feels that health assessment saved her life!

Cancer Screenings in 1 Company

26 Prostate Cancers


Detected with PSA Screenings

20 Breast cancers


Discovered through Mammography Screening of a Subset of an Employee Population

6 Melanomas


Discovered through Screening with a Dermatologist Among Subset of an Employee Population

Cholesterol Lowered!

Male, 51 y/o

2011 AHA revealed at risk/elevated results that needed immediate attention by family doctor – Risk Ratio was 8.4 in 2011. Through coaching, the participant changed eating habits, reduced salt, eliminated soda/increased water intake, and lost weight. By the 2012 AHA, his Risk Ratio was 3.9. The participant reported increased energy and his family doctor eventually took him off cholesterol medication.

Male, 43 y/o

2016 AHA goal was to lower Triglycerides of 423 (His Risk Ratio was 7.2); During the year, he met with a nutritionist through his family doctor, increased exercise, improved diet and decreased carbohydrates. He successfully lowered his Triglycerides to 164 (Risk Ratio 5.8).

Lower Blood Pressure

Male, 58 y/o

AHA revealed high BP; Participant did not have a family doctor at the time; Participant saw new family doctor and had stress test, which showed serious abnormalities with heart; Artery 93% blocked; received stent; doctor told him he would not have survived a heart attack. 

Male, 38 y/o

During the 2011 AHA, CHS physician sent participant directly to his family doctor due to blood pressure of 180/110; Participant talked to his mom and learned that he has a family history of high BP. Participant was a smoker, overweight, inactive, and had a poor diet. Through CHS coaching, he made changes to lose weight, increase cardio exercise, quit smoking, and eat better. His blood pressure normalized. 

Hep C Free!

Male, 54 y/o

  Had diagnosis of Hep C but didn’t want to spend money on treatment. Participant finally took part in a 12-week treatment, liver medication, 1 pill/day; specialist and treatment at low/no cost clinic; full recovery; ppt stated that he would have postponed or completely avoided treatment if it weren’t for coaching with CHS.

Male, 58 y/o

AHA revealed abnormal labs. CHS physician recommended participant visit his family doctor for further testing. He followed the recommendation and was diagnosed with Hep C and was treated. He stated he would never had known if it were not for the AHA labs.

Weight loss Coaching Participants

Participants who lost over 30 lbs in a single year.


· Male, 46 y/o – lost 115 lbs between 2013-2014: gastric band surgery, off BP meds, off DM meds 

· Male, 58 y/o – lost 76 lbs in 2012 

· Male, 31 y/o – lost 70 lbs in 2011 

· Female, 37 y/o - Lost 68 lbs in 2014 

· Male, 46 y/o - Lost 64 lbs in 2014 

· Male, 50 y/o – lost 53 lbs in 2016 

· Male, 57 y/o - Lost 50 lbs in 2014 

· Male, 42 y/o – lost 49 lbs in 2011 

· Male, 51 y/o – lost 42 lbs in 2011 

· Male, 49 y/o – lost 40 lbs in 2011 

· Female, 34 y/o - Lost 40 lbs in 2014 

· Male, 49 y/o – lost 38 lbs in 2016 

· Female, 36 y/o – lost 37 lbs in 2016 

· Male, 57 y/o - Lost 36 lbs in 2014 

· Female, 60 y/o – lost 35 lbs in 2011 

· Male, 55 y/o – lost 35 lbs in 2014 

· Male, 54 y/o – lost 34 lbs in 2011 

· Female, 56 y/o – lost 33 lbs in 2016 

· Female, 53 y/o – lost 33 lbs in 2016 

· Male, 36 y/o – lost 30 lbs in 2015 

· Female, 36 y/o – lost 30 lbs in 2016