Employee Testimonials


Toledo, Ohio

"I am 59 years old and have learned a lot about cancer.  In 2008 I  participated in the annual health fair and I am glad I did.  I had a  blood test and was informed by the physician right away that there was  an issue with my PSA test result.  Two years prior I had a PSA test and  there was no problem.  The PSA is a way to check the prostate in men.   The test results showed my PSA level had changed dramatically since the  last test.  I was advised to consult my doctor immediately.  I got some  more tests and was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I had no idea that I  had cancer because I never showed a lot of the symptoms. 

I currently am being treated at a great cancer center here in Toledo,  OH.  I have gone through external radiation treatments, hormonal  injection and many other tests.  On September 11th I will get internal  radiation seed implants.  I have had a few problems and will encounter  quite a few more in the next months, but I do my best to work through  them.   

If I hadn't gone to the health fair who knows when I would have had the  test and it could have been too late.  I am telling all everyone that  you should be tested early and don't make excuses. Any one who has an  opportunity or is age 50 or more needs to get tested.  Early detection  can make treatment easier and your cure rate can improve dramatically.   

You all need to take care of yourselves and your families.  I have grand  children and my goal is to enjoy them as long as I can.  Only time will  tell if the cancer is controlled or not, and as I tell my doctors, any  day above ground is a good day.  Remember this: there are no guarantees  in life.  My advice is to participate in your company’s health fair and  see your doctor for a check-up.  It bought me time.  It’s a long road  ahead, but I will continue to fight and will be more involved with other  cancer patients and support groups. My goal is to be a Cancer Survivor.     

This is my story.  I thank Crown, Cork and Seal for offering the health  fair and the Corporate Health Solutions physician who remembered me at  the 2009 health fair that took time to talk with me.  Cancer is scary,  but must be dealt with." 

Chicago, Illinois

"I was told by the doctor’s that if I had not gone to the health  fair, I would have probably died.  That was how high my blood pressure  and cholesterol were!”

Raleigh, North Carolina

“I was very overweight, but had no idea what to do about it.  I knew  that it was affecting my life and my work.  Corporate Health Solutions  not only showed me that my concerns where real, but what to do about it.   I would not have turned my life around without them.”

San Jose, California

“I had no idea what a diabetic was and how it affected you.  I found  out through the health fair that I am a diabetic.  They sent me to my  doctor and Ginny at CHS called me to help me with my diet.  I did not  realize how bad I felt before getting the help that I did not know I  needed.”

Boston, Massachusetts

“I went to the health fair in 2007 and everything came back ok.   Then, I went in 2008 again and the doctor at CHS saw a big difference in  my numbers that alarmed him.  He sent me to my family doctor and they  found that I had a serious heart problem.  I immediately went in for  heart surgery.  My family doctor said that going to the health fair  saved my life."

Dallas, Texas

“After getting the health assessment at the health fair the doctor  called me and said that I had ‘elevated and accelerating PSA’.  He told  me to go to my doctor and show her my results.  They discovered that I  had prostate cancer, but caught it early.  My urologist said that it was  a good thing that I went to the health fair or it could have been much  worse.”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I was getting headaches, blurred vision and just did not feel well.   I did not think anything of it.  I went to the health fair and  discovered that my blood pressure was very high.  They sent me  immediately to the hospital and got me help.  I can’t believe how much  better I feel. I didn’t even know that I had a problem.”

Seattle, Washington

“I had been drinking and depressed for a long time.  At the health  fair I talked with the counselor and he told me how concerned he was.   He gave me the number to the EAP and told me to call them.  I did and  now I know I had a problem, but now I am getting the help that I need.  I  probably wouldn’t have gotten help if it was not for the health fair.”


Employer Testimonial


Kenneth Wright, Vice President Benefits Administration • Crown Cork and Seal

Corporate Health Solutions' knowledgeable staff provide thorough  follow-up on members with disease detected during the health fairs. Additionally , the focus on the whole person — both physically and  emotionally. These screenings have provided early detection of medical  problems in our membership, which minimized the member's course of  treatment (and discomfort) needed to correct a problem, while reducing  Crown's health care expenses.

Crown has utilized the health fair services of Corporate Health  Solutions since 2006. During the time, the population in our active  Medical Program has remained constant and we have made no changes in our  medical coverage. Crown has experienced an average increase in medical  spending of 2% per year since 2005 — far below the national average. The  impact on our annual plant health fairs is the driving force behind  these results.


Physician Testimonials


Karen Canipe, MSN, APRN,BC • Cheraw, SC

I love what I do for Corporate Health Solutions and Crown, Cork and  Seal.  At first I think employees were anxious about the plant placing a  health care provider in the plant, but it has taken off!!!  I see  approximately 35% of the employees in the plant.  They come in to the  office for a variety of reasons ranging from Upper Respiratory Illness'  to blood pressure checks, prescription refills and advice on general  health concerns.  They have even called me at my office outside of the  plant to ask for advice.  I think it has been a great benefit for them. 


Jay Joglekar, M.D. • Winchester, VA

As a Medical Professional in a rural area I understand that there is a  natural barrier to employees wanting to access medical care.  Many  employees did not see a doctor regularly and many did not even have a  doctor.  I was asked to come into the workplace on a regular basis so  that employees could at least talk with a doctor.  My conversations with  employees on primary care topics like obesity, hypertension, diabetes  and health care screenings have lead to an increased awareness and  individual responsibility.  Also, these quarterly visits and informal  conversations have lead to the discovery of often overlooked issues such  as hernias, rotator cuff tears and sleep apnea.  In addition, we are  working on other areas like behavioral health, smoking cessation and  health care maintenance.  These are major accomplishments.